What’s your favorite math book?

Let’s do a small experiment. I’m not sure what the outcome will be, but definitely think it’s worth a shot no matter what. Using this link you can fill out a form and let us know about one great math book you’ve read and loved. It can be a textbook, a popular science book, or even a mathematical novel. It doesn’t matter.

What we’ll do is collect the titles you share with us and turn them into a list, then we’ll show those books in a blog entry (in the near future). This should be a fun way to get more people exposed to books they may not have heard of. If your favorite book is a classic like Flatland or GEB, feel free to submit those, too – any math related book is welcome!

If you provide your name and a link in the form, we’ll attribute the submission and link it to your non-commercial, non-spammy blog or site (we reserve the right to decide which sites are included).

Submit a book

Please don’t use the comment section to suggest the book, but rather use the link above. We are genuinely curious to see what titles we’ll end up with on this cool list.

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