Switching from Feedburner Email to AWeber for my newsletter

This is just a brief post to let my readers know that I’m switching from Feedburner Email’s service to AWeber to handle sending out my posts via email. Why am I switching from a free service to a commercial one? Because AWeber offers countless features that I plan to use, plus it’s a lot more flexible than Feedburner. This change will only affect email subscribers. My Atom feed will still be handled by Feedburner, of course.

With Feedburner’s email service for example, I have no control over the emails that are sent out. With AWeber I’ll be able to create a newsletter service that not only sends out the posts I publish on this blog, but it will also allow me to send out custom written emails. I want to cultivate my newsletter and doing so starts with a service that allows me to do just that.

If you currently subscribe to my email newsletter via Feedburner you’re subscription will automatically be imported to AWeber and you will receive an email asking you to confirm the subscription. Unless you click on the activation link in that email, you will not be added to the new newsletter service. This is because the new newsletter has a double opt-in confirmation feature enabled. Starting tomorrow Feedburner’s email service will be disabled, as AWeber steps in to take over.

I invite you to join Math Blog’s newsletter by providing your first name and email address in the email sign-up on the homepage, or by clicking here.

Thank you to all those who sign up; I look forward to bringing my posts to your inbox via AWeber.

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