GIVEAWAY: Enter to win a copy of Summing It Up

Princeton University Press recently published a great book called, Summing It Up: From One Plus One to Modern Number Theory by Prof. Avner Ash and Prof. Robert Gross.

This week we are giving away a copy to one lucky reader. To enter Math Blog’s first giveaway, please follow the instructions below. The plan, if all goes well, is to have a regular monthly giveaway with equally appealing prizes offered up each time.

Prize details

Summing It Up is a highly interesting and ambitious book. Its aim is to explain challenging modern number theory concepts, such as modular forms, starting with the very basics of addition. Further, the book doesn’t assume that the reader has more than calculus level mathematics.

Unlike many popular math and science books, there is no fluff to be had. The style is engaging, quickly accelerating into some serious mathematics.

This book won’t make you an expert in modern number theory, but it will provide plenty of insight almost regardless of your current mathematical level. Along with providing you with resources and references to explore the subject further.

In a perhaps rare, feat, the book will equally engage undergraduate students and seasoned mathematicians alike (who don’t specifically specialize in modular forms, of course).

Alright, now that you know it’s a book worth adding to your library, read on to find out how to win a copy of your own.

Giveaway details

For this giveaway, we are using the Rafflecopter widget below. The widget will ask you to log in by providing your name and email (or through Facebook).

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to subscribe to our mailing list. You’ll be able to do so by simply clicking the checkmark, which you can also click if you are a subscriber already. This action will enter you in the giveaway and give you 5 virtual raffle tickets. After the giveaway, if you dislike our post updates, you can unsubscribe at any time. We obviously care about our readers and would never spam you.

OK, you claimed your 5 points by subscribing and with them, you entered the giveaway. At this point, you’ll have the opportunity to gain up to 16 additional entries in the giveaway by completing other tasks. Namely, these are:

– Leaving a specific comment (read the instructions in the widget) (+5 entries)

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– Checking out Amazon’s review(s) for this book (+1 entry)

Note that all of these additional tasks are optional. Though, they can help your odds and they don’t take much time to complete.

At the end of Tuesday, June 21, 2016 (at midnight PST, so technically June 22nd), the giveaway closes and a winner will be selected randomly from all the entries. The more entries you have out of the possible 21 entries, the greater your odds.

The widget will show you how many entries you have claimed and how many entries there are in total, as shown in the sample image below.

Raffle explained

The winner will be contacted within 48 hours by email, and arrangements will be made to deliver the book to the winner’s physical address. Please note that in order to avoid unfair entries, the randomly selected winner’s entries will be verified to confirm that the actions were actually taken. If not, then a new random draw will be executed.

Best of luck!

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