GIVEAWAY: The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects

This week we’re giving away a hardcover copy of a great book to one lucky reader. To enter Math Blog’s July giveaway, please follow the instructions below.


For this giveaway, the prize is a copy of the book, The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects: Research in Recreational Math.

There are a couple of cues that this book is not quite what it seems. First, it’s a $75 USD book, which is unusually high for a book on puzzles. Then there is that word, “research” in the tagline.

If you weren’t paying attention to those two cues, you might be deceived into thinking that this is an ordinary book that explores some common puzzles and games, and which shows you how to solve them with elementary mathematics (the crosswords and cards on the cover only add to that possibility).

The truth is that there is so much more to this book than meets the eyes. Yes, it talks about puzzles and popular games. Yes, it shows you how to solve them. Where things get really interesting however, is that the the ideas are stretched further into new theorem territory.

For example, at some point this book explores the familiar Tower of Hanoi problem. I mean, what more is there to say about that problem? It turns out there’s a lot, if we consider, as the authors did, the approach to solving the problem via random moves. And from there, note how the problem can be solved via a network of electrical resistors.

This book has impressive mathematical rigor. To what degree? It is essentially a collection of 17 research papers on the subject of recreational puzzles, authored by a couple of dozen well-established mathematicians. The writing remains clear and approachable across the board, but you’re also looking at some real math within.

I also appreciate that it’s a beautiful math title that includes numerous, often colorful, illustrations. In short, it is a remarkable book and we are happy to give a copy to one lucky winner. Join the giveaway below.

Mathematics of various entertaining subjects


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