Giveaway: Elements of Mathematics: From Euclid to Gödel

This week we’re giving away a hardcover copy of Elements of Mathematics: From Euclid to Gödel. To enter Math Blog’s August giveaway, please follow the instructions below.


Elements of Mathematics: From Euclid to Gödel by John Stillwell is a great dim sum, so to speak, of various mathematical areas. The topics covered are “elementary” and the clear explanations, as per the author’s admission, don’t assume mathematical knowledge beyond a high school level.

Presented this way, the book would appear to be quite basic. In reality, I would expect most undergraduate students to be challenged at times while reading it.

I’ll go further and say that despite being an extremely approachable book, I’m willing to wager that even most mathematicians would walk away from this book with some new insight on these “elementary” topics.

The discussion around what makes a mathematical concept elementary or advanced (through the filter of infinity, abstraction, and proof) alone is worth the price of admission.

For the record, the book is divided into 10 chapters: a brief introduction to 8 areas of math, followed by 8 chapters each of which explores one of them, and wraps up with an advanced mathematics chapter.

  1. Elementary Topics
  2. Arithmetic
  3. Computation
  4. Algebra
  5. Geometry
  6. Calculus
  7. Combinatorics
  8. Probability
  9. Logic
  10. Some Advanced Mathematics

Each chapter concludes with a few pages of historical and philosophical remarks. Really good stuff.

I enjoyed this book and I’m excited to giveaway a copy to one lucky reader. See below for details on how to enter the giveaway.


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Best of luck!

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