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The CK-12 Foundation is a wonderful non-profit organization. Recently they released several free Kindle ebooks about Mathematics. Currently in the Kindle store you can find the following CK-12 Foundation math titles, all priced at $0.00:

From a cursory look it would seem that the content of these ebooks is pretty solid and certainly worth checking out. While providing free math books isn’t a new concept, having said books formatted for your Kindle is a major plus (though there are a few concerns about their legibility in the reviews; these points are being addressed by the foundation).

More textbooks are available on the CK-12 Foundation site, which enables you to customize the content of a textbook through their intriguing “FlexBook” system. In their own words:

Traditional textbooks are both expensive and rigid. FlexBooks conform to national and state textbook standards. They are free, easy to update and easy to customize. With FlexBooks, you can customize your textbooks to support your innovative work in the classroom. The CK-12 Foundation provides FlexBooks free to anyone who wants to use them.

While it’s safe to assume that many of our readers already own a Kindle device at this point, it warrants mentioning that you don’t actually need one to read Kindle ebooks (there is Kindle software that’s available for Windows, Mac, iPad, and other mobile platforms that enables you to read Kindle ebooks sans owning an actual ebook reader).

However, on a related side note, if you’re buying a Kindle with the aim of reading technical material and textbook, I highly suggest that you opt for the DX version, because the screen on the regular sized one is too small to comfortably read such detailed material (particularly if you have free math PDFs you’d like to read).

Happy reading and all the very best to everyone in 2011, from the Math Blog team.


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