Would you like to become a regular Math Blog author? Or perhaps you just want to contribute a math related article that you’ve written or plan to write? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

A few valid reasons to contribute to Math Blog

  1. You don’t have to setup and pay for your own blog. Just send us your article in HTML format and we’ll publish it for you.
  2. This blog has a wide audience which gives it a considerable amount of exposure. Writing for Math-Blog.com means having thousands of readers who already subscribe to our blog or visit the site regularly.
  3. You write the article, we’ll take care of promoting it.
  4. Besides the feedback from our readers, we’ll inform you about the statistics of your article on request.
  5. Granted you license your article to us for use on this site and other possible related initiatives started by this blog (e.g., a book), you are free to define the type of license that you like, be it traditional copyright in which you reserve all rights (default) or an open license such as Creative Commons.
  6. You don’t have to go crazy trying to render nice looking formulas in HTML, as we support LaTeX formula just place them between tex tags (e.g., [ tex ] and [ / tex ] without spaces).
  7. Every article can have a short biography, a link to your site or blog and even a photo. Each article that you write will be published under your own name or nickname (if you prefer). You’ll also be able to link to all of your posts. For example, see the list for one of our regular authors.
  8. If you are a student, professor or researcher, you can gain a lot of exposure by publishing regularly on this site.
  9. You are volunteering to contribute to an exciting project which promotes the beauty and importance of Mathematics.

What kind of articles are you looking for?

We aim to publish quality articles on a variety of subjects, from well explained high school material up to advanced topics. Articles can range from a few hundred words, up to a few thousand (we may split the article/tutorial over more than one post in some instances). Pure mathematics or applied, if it’s interesting and well written original article (before publishing any article, we’ll check to ensure that it’s not already a copyrighted piece), we’ll publish it.

We ask however that you do not submit any research papers; this is not the right place to publish such works. We are looking for material that promotes math (and sciences that are very closely related, such as computer science and physics) and that can be read and enjoyed also by people who do not have a PhD in the field of mathematics.

We are particularly interested in math news, tutorials, explanations in plain English of difficult subjects and/or exciting discoveries, and book reviews.

Please note that every contribution is on a volunteer basis, for which there is no monetary compensation.

Cool, how do I get started?

Contact us through the form below, outlining your mathematical background, the type of article(s) that you intend to write, and whether you’d like to become a recurring writer or an occasional guest blogger. Please note that at this time we are not interested in professional writers, SEO, and online degree guest bloggers.